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SDSU's M.S. in Community Development

Community Development deals with challenges faced by communities in the United States and other countries, particularly those in rural areas. Global economic restructuring and the devolution of government services have produced an environment in which Community Developers are called on to think and act in innovative ways.


Community Development is a progressive field, actively promoting positive social, economic, cultural and environmental change. It encourages people to see the "whole picture," engaging citizens in democratic decision making and action. As a student in the Community Development degree program, you have the opportunity to study with leading educators and researchers representing diverse fields including Community and Regional Planning, Architecture, Sociology, Native American Studies, Economics and Natural Resources.

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Goal #5

GOAL #5:  Students will understand and apply fundamental mathematical processes and reasoning.

Credit Hours Needed to Complete Goal:  3 hours

 Prefix  Number  Title of Course  Credit Hours
 MATH  102  College Algebra             3
 MATH      103/103L      Quantitative Literacy


 MATH  104  Finite Mathematics             4
 MATH  115  Pre-calculus             5
 MATH  120  Trigonometry             3
 MATH  121  Survey of Calculus             4
 MATH  123  Calculus             4
 MATH  125  Calculus II             4
 MATH  201  Intro to Discrete Math


 MATH  216  Discrete Structures             3
 MATH  225  Calculus III             4
 MATH/STAT  281  Statistics             3
Note:  Student enrollment in the initial Mathematics course is determined by the Board of Regents placement policy (2:7.6).

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