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SDSU's M.S. in Community Development

Community Development deals with challenges faced by communities in the United States and other countries, particularly those in rural areas. Global economic restructuring and the devolution of government services have produced an environment in which Community Developers are called on to think and act in innovative ways.


Community Development is a progressive field, actively promoting positive social, economic, cultural and environmental change. It encourages people to see the "whole picture," engaging citizens in democratic decision making and action. As a student in the Community Development degree program, you have the opportunity to study with leading educators and researchers representing diverse fields including Community and Regional Planning, Architecture, Sociology, Native American Studies, Economics and Natural Resources.

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Academic Programs
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Degree Type:

TypeUniversityProgram Title
BSUSDAddiction Studies
MAUSDAddiction Studies
CertificateUSDAddiction Studies (Graduate)
CertificateUSDAddiction Studies (Undergraduate)
MSUSDAdministrative Studies: Specialization in Alcohol and Drug Studies
MSUSDAdministrative Studies: Specialization in Criminal Justice
MSUSDAdministrative Studies: Specialization in Health Services Administration
MSUSDAdministrative Studies: Specialization in Interdisciplinary Studies
MSUSDAdministrative Studies: Specialization in Long-Term Care Administration
MSUSDAdministrative Studies: Specialization in Organizational Leadership
CertificateSDSUAgricultural and Environmental Law
MSDSUApplied Computer Sciences
AANSUApplied Gerontology
BSNSUBanking and Financial Services
ASNSUBanking and Financial Services
MSNSUBanking and Financial Services
Graduate CertificateDSUBanking Security
CertificateSDSUBioenergy and Sustainable Technology
MBADSUBusiness Administration
BSNSUBusiness Administration
MBAUSDBusiness Administration
BSBHSUBusiness Administration - Management Specialization
MBAUSDBusiness Administration: Specialization in Health Services Administration
Graduate CertificateDSUBusiness Analytics
ASDSUBusiness Management
BBADSUBusiness Technology
MSSDSUChemistry - Chemical Education
BSDSUComputer Science
MSUSDComputer Science through a grant from the National Science Foundation
MSSDSMTConstruction Management
Graduate CertificateBHSUCrisis Leadership and Emergency Management
MSBHSUCurriculum and Instruction
MEdSDSUCurriculum and Instruction
BSDSUCyber Operations
D.Sc.DSUCyber Security
CertificateUSDDisaster Mental Health (Graduate)
MEdSDSUEducational Administration
MAUSDEducational Administration: Adult and Higher Education
EDSUSDEducational Administration: Elementary School Principal
MAUSDEducational Administration: Elementary School Principal
EDSUSDEducational Administration: School District Superintendent
MAUSDEducational Administration: School District Superintendent
MAUSDEducational Administration: Secondary School Principal
EDSUSDEducational Administration: Secondary School Principal
MSETDSUEducational Technology
BSDSUElementary Education and Special Education
Graduate CertificateDSUEthical Hacking
CertificateNSUExecutive Banking
EMPAUSDExecutive Master of Public Administration
CertificateSDSUFamily Financial Planning
CertificateSDSUFinancial and Housing Counseling
BGSBHSUGeneral Studies
BGSDSUGeneral Studies
AADSUGeneral Studies
AANSUGeneral Studies
BGSNSUGeneral Studies
AASDSMTGeneral Studies
AASDSUGeneral Studies
BGSSDSUGeneral Studies
AAUSDGeneral Studies
BGSUSDGeneral Studies
AAUSDGeneral Studies (Accelerated Associate)
CertificateUSDGraduate Certificate in Long Term Care Management
CertificateSDSUGrassland Management
CertificateDSUHealth Care Coding
MSHIDSUHealth Informatics
BSDSUHealth Information Administration
ASDSUHealth Information Technology
BSUSDHealth Sciences
MSSDSUHuman Sciences - Family and Community Services
MSSDSUHuman Sciences - Family and Consumer Education
MSSDSUHuman Sciences - Family Financial Planning (GPIDEA)
MSSDSUHuman Sciences - Merchandising (GPIDEA)
MSIADSUInformation Assurance
DScISDSUInformation Systems
MSISDSUInformation Systems
BSDSUInformation Systems
Graduate CertificateDSUInformation Technology
MSEdNSUInstructional Design in E-Learning
BSSDSUInterdisciplinary Studies
BSSDSUInterdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences Specialization
CertificateNSUIntermediate Banking
BANSUInternational Business Studies
MSEdNSULeadership and Administration
CertificateUSDLiteracy, Leadership and Coaching (Graduate)
BSSDSUMedical Laboratory Science (Upward Mobility)
CertificateSDSUMerchandising (Graduate) (GPIDEA)
MMENSUMusic Education
MMUSDMusic Education Specialization (Hybrid)
BSDSUNetwork and Security Administration
ASDSUNetwork and System Administration
CertificateUSDNonprofit Management (Graduate)
ASUSDNursing (in partnership with Good Samaritan Society)
BSSDSUNursing (Upward Mobility) (RN to B.S.)
EDSUSDPK-12 Principal
MAUSDPK-12 Principal
BSDSUProfessional Accountancy
MPAUSDProfessional Accountancy
BSDSUProfessional and Technical Communications
BSNUSDRN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
MSSDSURural Sociology - Community Development (GPIDEA)
MSBHSUSecondary Education - Project SECOND
MAUSDSpeech-Language Pathology
MSBHSUStrategic Leadership
CertificateSDSUSwine Science
MSEdNSUTeaching and Learning
MSUSDTechnology for Education and Training
MSSDSMTTechnology Management
MSNSUTraining and Development in E-Learning
t-DPTUSDTransitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy

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